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so i was driving through new orleans and heard this girl talking on the radio. she had a funny laugh so thought of all the funny laughs that i laughed at and so i made this video for you guys to enjoy… thank you for watch!

Я стараюсь петь иногда .. Проверьте это.

Я делаю кинематографического видео тоже! Ничего на этом канале еще ​​хотя LOL

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DVD/241797349233334?fref=ts
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MUSIC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taFhz6sJZYM&list=PL2fYO9Gd2D4ohqlC_6WF5Yzx_09-g6slS

Я снимал мое видео с:
Canon 60D DLSR
Canon 17-40mm L Usm 1:04 широкой угловой зум-объективом
Canon 7D DLSR
Canon 50mm 1.8
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

happy wheels 2 demo


Just For Laugh


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  • Simpsons Futurama 4 months ago


  • Ellen Ley 4 months ago

    not funny

  • TASHA innareal life 4 months ago


  • Syafik Izudin 4 months ago

    My first impression when saw you like hey, you are that hobbit guy. Hahahaha..

  • iiTropical Kinq-ROBLOX 4 months ago

    wtf is this this some weird funny shit i ever seen

  • GAMER 4 months ago


  • Bexy Evans 4 months ago

    There are many types of laughs, and I love when people's laughs are much funnier than the jokes.

  • Musical Ways 4 months ago

    "Please Don't Hate"
    Me: Tbh, this video is horrible…

  • Amauris Hernande 4 months ago

    some made me laugh😄😄

  • Jamie Newens 4 months ago


  • Christopher Tangney 4 months ago

    why'd this video get thumbs downs i thought it was great

  • Alaska's Wolf 4 months ago

    In the funny laughs he has heard in the past, 3, 7, and 8 were the ones that made me laugh!

  • Andrew Eshaqi 4 months ago

    soo true man soo true

  • Millervt 4 months ago

    0:530:55 RIP Headphone Users.

  • _KingCobraa_ 4 months ago

    what motivated you to make this video

  • Pando Rozec 4 months ago

    It's not funny.

  • Michael Kenney 4 months ago

    On a note one of those łaughs sounded like you were sucking snot in. And on a second note you need a hobby

  • Phineas Henry 4 months ago

    Your albino

  • Luis Luis 4 months ago

    dunk bitch

  • IceColdPrincess 4 months ago

    I do 3 or 4 of these hahahhahahaha xD first two definitely 😀