Dumb Genius (we used to be The Best Vines!) try not to laugh or grin at these hilarious funny Prank Vine & Instagram Compilation September 2017!

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Muhammed Ali Aydın 1 month ago

    Oww! man this is fake! Wtf ? You stole 10 minutes for me.

  • Mark Andeson Ang 1 month ago

    Frozen Barbie 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elijah Lillie 1 month ago

    7:18 they shouldnot do that

  • Walker Martjin 1 month ago

    What the hell

  • versailleschick1994 1 month ago

    I like watching these videos because I like to see people socializing with each other. They seem to be having a good time.

  • dung phan 1 month ago

    choi mat day do khung

  • the smtp produccions 1 month ago


  • free style 1 month ago

    …i trust you

  • RASCAL VARGAS 1 month ago

    i trust you hahaha

  • StoneCraftCZ ExploreCraftCZ 1 month ago

    7:20, people are dumb, scare kid like that.

  • Monkey.D. Luffy 1 month ago

    1:22 GJ

  • Iezhea Olvia Muli 1 month ago

    3:15 he make that guy so jump scared he was like poiised he's scared of Michale Myer

  • Where's my Irish whiskey? Tullamore. 1 month ago

    2:56 How you get a quarter of a ton to move itself ASAP.

  • Tom W 1 month ago

    Poor Kids….😕

  • Harene Kang 1 month ago

    3:54 i'm laughing so hard

  • Ultron Prime 1 month ago

    Who watches porn in class!?

  • Pham Huong 1 month ago

    0:31 WTF!!!!

  • Singers Page 1 month ago

    the ending tho

  • Xiodfer Pants 1 month ago

    When porn is more important than a …… a ….. i dont know what to say again :v

  • Orlie Obanon 1 month ago

    what the hell