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In January 2011 Freaky The Scary Snowman was born. He became more popular then any other channel I have. After Freaky we knew we wanted to do pranks. We will never stop doing the Snowman prank but wanted to try new things and break away from “the guy in the snowman” and let people know there are two guys making this happen. So we created the Prank Bros. We started off doing a remote control alien prank, then a rat prank, voodoo doll prank, bad santa prank, alien pranks, smoke bomb pranks, smoking baby prank, abandoned baby prank. We have so many more ideas on paper and are waiting till the weather breaks to do more. We hope you enjoy this 1012 prank compilation from the Prank Bros.
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  • tbird90sc 5 months ago

    I didnt laugh once, until the very end when the snowman got knocked over.

  • will hold15 5 months ago

    i was the 21,000 like

  • Channel omu 5 months ago


  • GoMiGman 5 months ago


  • Alex Wang 5 months ago

    4:46 I like this girl.

  • fatah Ali 5 months ago

    some one should knock out that guy who is sneezing that shit is not cool

  • Archie Yanson 5 months ago

    How about if someone had a heart attack of these pranks? that's the funniest thing to happen when the prankster don't know an emergency CPR. I like the end of the video hahahaha.

  • Exhustani 5 months ago

    what's up with the face of that girl at 3:14 ?

  • Hector Daniel Garcia Morales 5 months ago

    Those people should´t do those stupid jokes and do something more productive

  • Jose Martinez 5 months ago

    Lmao that was funny

  • LaRoderick James 5 months ago

    that lady at 4:46 was ready lmao

  • Yousef Hossam 5 months ago

    4:46…dafuck was that xd…

  • Hentai Senpai 5 months ago

    The guy at the end was not playing at all

  • Phong Lê Văn 5 months ago

    One punch man in last video!! :v

  • khaled slman 5 months ago

    my name is khaled 00201272812103

  • Echo _Kira 5 months ago

    the ending though 😂😂
    I think I broke my windpipe xD

  • MAKTOOM ALSHAMSI 5 months ago

    جان سينا

  • Md Atiar Rahman Bipul 5 months ago

    this is not done

  • Mikasa Neko 5 months ago

    I hope his alright who ever was in that snow man lol