Hello again! 👋🏼
Here are the coolest, funniest, cutest and sassiest moments of our girls. Few of them are funny Insiders. 😊 I hope you like it!
A “real” video will come up soon, i promise. I just dont have enough time right now, because of school. 💘

The Snapchat part is from: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfo6v2XLneSFYjUKsx6DXbw

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R.I.P Vine
We will never forget you.
24.01.16 -18.01.17
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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Lalin 4 days ago

    What takeover?11:41

  • Camren Swiftie 4 days ago

    so are we really starting the video with camren? oh wow ok i mean it's fine it's not like i miss them or smth

  • Reana Ranada 4 days ago

    camila: i love lern jergi
    me: oh you love lern jergi oh that's pre- OHH WHUT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY MILA

  • Lmao Kpop 4 days ago

    " i love jern jerky"

  • lovin sunsets 4 days ago

    I'm prying! I miss ot5😭Thanks for bringing back memories

  • Dank Me me 4 days ago

    No matter what I love them all omg

  • themagictruck 4 days ago

    this video gives me so much life I love all of their personalities ❤❤😩

  • JellyCanola 4 days ago

    8:14 Ally was like "Really bitch"?😂😂😂

  • Cris Rodríguez 4 days ago

    Love it 😂😍😂😍

  • 5H&CC 4 days ago

    this actually made me laugh out loud make more and I subscribed cuz how funny the vid was LOL

  • Viktoria vanessa Surowka 4 days ago


  • Marcus Crap 4 days ago

    what takeover at 1:34

  • Zee Hansen 4 days ago

    This made my day even more better ❤

  • Adnee Jaz 4 days ago

    Holy shit do i miss these days

  • Arka Trese 4 days ago

    7:46 will be camila at fifth harmony concerts from now on

  • Potato Jauregui 4 days ago

    I smiled like an idiot watching this 12 minute video

  • Strong for Camz 4 days ago

    what video is at 0:27?

  • cha sarol 4 days ago

    this is so funny hahhaha I can't stop laughing specially when Camila started to rap

  • On my Way 4 days ago

    lauren to a fan crying through the window : i love youuu
    lauren when the fan walks away: i think i just completed her life
    she knows lauren knows

  • Yeidy Toribio 4 days ago

    OMG 😍 WHERE i can find the part with Austín?? BTW I LOVE YOURE VIDEOS