Seafood shop at the park is weirdly offering free, fresh lobsters to people passing by. There’s got to be some sort of catch – and a catch is exactly what they get, when the lobsters are accidentally dropped and start pinching at people’s legs and scaring the hell out of them.

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  • Eren Yeşiltepe 2 weeks ago


  • Albert KT 2 weeks ago

    1:01 aaahahahahahahahah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahah :DDDDDDDD

  • Noman Johan 2 weeks ago

    Je parles francaise.

  • John Fooza 2 weeks ago

    If you're afraid of your food, you probably shouldn't be eating it.

  • TheMrbioshockfan 2 weeks ago

    Is she dropping them

  • hptc eighteightninenine 2 weeks ago

    so they're afraid of them but yet not afraid to eat them makes no sense

  • ResistanceHiro 2 weeks ago

    spidercrab 0:48

  • EC912 2 weeks ago

    FREE lobster?? Okay, I'm learning French and move to Montreal.

  • shkelqim jairi 2 weeks ago

    I swear i almost died laughing 0:40 omfg the best one

  • Achwaq Khalid 2 weeks ago

    at least they get to learn how to dance.

  • oopsibrokethecow 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I agree. Thanks for point that out! I didn't think of it that way.

  • EatSleepIceHockey 2 weeks ago

    No, the only fake one is the one that pinches the peoples foot. They drop a real lobster in the beginning. Maybe its not animal abuse but it hurts the lobster.

  • Semi-GothicGirl777 2 weeks ago

    How? They're fake -_-

  • EatSleepIceHockey 2 weeks ago

    animal abuse

  • aevanism 2 weeks ago

    pink lady is hilarious

  • Orlando Vega 2 weeks ago

    0:50 hahahahaha :'D

  • 025Kenneth025 2 weeks ago

    selecta <3

  • Robbie Fowler 2 weeks ago

    0:48 Play football

  • flizblue 2 weeks ago

    and they say white folks cant dance

  • ALP'ie 2 weeks ago

    A random lady, standing in a random location at a park with barely any people giving out free lobsters? Sounds Legit… 'I'll have one!'