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In this episode the Glumpers, are going on vacations. They are very happy at the airport with their suitcases and Dudd is doing the idiot putting his hands up imitating a plane. Will they finally get into the plane or will they loose their flight?
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Glumpers are 6 cool friends living together, Have fun with their crazy ideas and situations in each cartoon video online. Animation Comedy Kids. Amuse cartoon series for kids, Have fun with children videos, funny funny. Cheerful, very funny, laughing so loud.

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  • Elizabeth Limon 5 months ago

    And it's also funny 😂

  • Elizabeth Limon 5 months ago

    I love this episode☺👍

  • What Doesn't Suck? 5 months ago

    So amazing! Where next on your journey plan?

  • Navier Navierez 5 months ago

    this is not funny…

  • PsyhicPanda HS 5 months ago

    00:47 suite case full with drugs xD

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    Thanks! You are welcome!! 🙂

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    @yoshiboo5 Thanks to you for supporting and trust us and off course for saying it! 😉

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    @UltimateLSD Sorry dude but we have to live from what we are doing… Just close your eyes for 10 sec and enjoy the episode of Glumpers! ;))

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    @ComboNational It's May my friend, you should refresh your PC clock… ;))

  • yoshiboo5 5 months ago

    This is my Saturday morning cartoons that I love to watch everyday. Thanks the Glumpers!! ;D

  • Tristan L'Esperance 5 months ago

    he has drugz in his bag
    OH NO!

  • UltimateLSD 5 months ago

    hate those ads in the beginning!!

  • YourMothersBestFriend 5 months ago

    Uploaded March 4th 2011, its March the 2nd.

  • Luca Giordano 5 months ago

    Is it weird that I am an airline pilot, but love to watch these while I wait to board a flight? lol

  • ImmerWeddinger 5 months ago

    No wonder the green guy got stopped, theres a bloody gun in his suitcase

  • Nihil 5 months ago

    @TheGlumpers Will you still upload here?
    Or will the show go to South America?
    I dun wanna lose all those episodes!
    Great work!

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    @GSisters100 Many thanks for your nice comment!! You are welcome and we celebrate to have a new fan with us!! Have a nice weekend!! 🙂

  • GSisters100 5 months ago

    First time i saw one of these Glumpers episodes!! They are hilarous! And I love how you put Come Fly With Me in the beggining 😉

  • Okay thanks 🙂

  • The Glumpers, animation comedy, funny videos 5 months ago

    @zakokiller Thanks for your question. Definitely yes!! Glumpers will be on the very best TV's of the world. We will publish on our website, a new one coming very soon, where and when will be aired Glumpers, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and here in YouTube to be aware of! 🙂