Dr. Howdo shares his wisdom on the science behind “Laughing Out Loud”, and also helps you use “LOL” to great effect in your daily life.

Q. Who is Dr.Howdo?
A. Dr. Howdo is a PhD in How-to-logy. Born in the slums of India, Dr. Howdo has worked all his life to achieve his greatness, and a batallion of Indian servants. He is the proud owner of a Prius and a quartz watch. We are lucky to have Dr. Howdo share his wisdom with us on YouTube, where he shall teach us the bare essentials of everyday life.

Q. What is Spaced Out Productions?
A. Spaced Out Productions is a brainchild of a few creative engineers from different disciplines, whose mundane lives drove them insane. So, they decided to Space Out and drive the world insane instead.

Q. Why am I watching this?
A. Because you love us. We know it. You know it. About time we let it loose.

Q. Is Dr. Howdo coming back with more instructional videos?
A. We don’t know. The last we heard from Dr. Howdo, he was trying to capture one of his escaped servants. But we’ll keep pinging him on his brand new Nokia 3310 smartphone, and get back to you with the update by 6th September. (Hint – that was a hint!)

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  • Peanut Nation 2 months ago

    Wait, what about: LMFAO?

  • Peanut Nation 2 months ago


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    Well. Just Upload more.

  • Django Djang 2 months ago

    yooooooooooooo i was watching this vid and thought it must have about 3 mil views and saw it has only 3 thousand. WTF you deserve more views, keep up the good work yaar. I will now watch all your videos from this point on – too funny man. Peace.

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  • anam kalsia 2 months ago

    You are LOL types funny

  • Ajitesh Singh 2 months ago

    Dude grow a set.

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  • Prateek Kumar Uppal 2 months ago

    absolutely fabulous and iska koi muquabala

  • sangeeth satheesh 2 months ago

    LOL.,.,LOL.,.,.,All the WaY

  • IAin't GivinYouMahName 2 months ago

    Aw man I've watched this 5 times now xD This stuff's gonna blow up in Manchester 😀

  • Shaurye Chakravarty 2 months ago

    "How to greet uncles and aunties – A pan-cultural study on the indentations and disfigurations of why are you still reading this?"

  • Rajiv Chopra 2 months ago

    LOLinder yaar. Too good Doc. Let more instruction video flow in

  • krishn lalchandani 2 months ago

    gud job guys! 😀
    I think ur next one should be how to 'lol' indian parents or how indian parents 'lol' their kids

  • gunveer singh 2 months ago

    great work man 😀

  • dhruvab5 2 months ago

    phat you yaar that's totally lul. can't stop lolling.

  • Mrfucksubtlety 2 months ago

    Chopra you made a word i hate into a word i love ! haha
    great work!

  • Ayshwarya Sharma 2 months ago

    Too bloody good dude!
    Ja maan! Thees is the sheet raite 'ere! 😀


  • sizrstudios 2 months ago

    Good Stuff! Add a few tags though. "How to use a Facebook for Indians" should be your next title! xD