i discovered i could make my cat gag by running my nail along a comb. i think its the sound he doesnt like. he didnt seem to mind too much otherwize he would of ran off. i did say sorry by giving him treats. i also discovered he gags when u turn the dial on them watches that have a spinner outer ring on the face. hope you enjoy the video. please note i do love my cats and thort this was unusal so thats why i done it. not in a cruel or evil way.
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  • Sapphire Animation 4 months ago

    No its not funny its torture to the poor cat.

  • Gabriella Brunet 4 months ago

    Every comment on here is by the peta pact. Omg. Hes not dying chill.

  • thesparewheel 4 months ago

    this 100% safe to do

  • SpiritØwl Øwl 4 months ago

    Read description idiots!!!

  • Abigail R 4 months ago

    Damian Wayne: (goes to rant on and on about this to dick)

  • Emily S 4 months ago

    What's funny about making a cat gag? Sick person!

  • Aimee Gamezz 4 months ago

    Fucking vile woman! How would you like it if someone just grabbed a pile of shit and constantly rubbed it in your nose so you gag!

  • Zachary Smith 4 months ago

    If I was the cat I would have attacked the stupid ass trying to give it a seizure.

  • Vernon Douglas 4 months ago

    aww 😱😱

  • Dianne Haas 4 months ago

    stop it – that's not nice – weird, but not nice

  • clearevil 4 months ago

    Kill yourself fat whore, instead of fucking with your cat

  • Jo Do 4 months ago

    Do you really lack the emotional capacity to see that this constitutes cruelty? You must have a seriously low EQ.

  • Tegan Lov 4 months ago

    This isn't cute. If he doesn't like it, then don't do it. This should not go viral. It'll courage other oblivious cat owners to start tormenting their cats. All because an animal doesn't walk away when you do something, it doesn't mean it's okay with what's being done.

  • inn0s 4 months ago

    I make the same facial expression hearing this sound. x_x

  • Musical Ether 4 months ago


    Out of love for cats I am letting you know this: This is dangerous (primarily by way of the fact it may reach a large audience) .
    Cat's have a response to sounds of this type which can actually cause seizures and kill them (particularly in older cats or those with actual epilepsy). I know for a fact this sound is within that category, and it is reasonable to assume this is a young and healthy cat without epilepsy (which should give you an actual sense of the danger).
    This is something I had to learn about after my elderly cat began having seizures which nearly DID actually kill him (necessitating me doing a lot of research).

    At the time of writing this many of the few comments have already tried it with their cat (with the same reaction). It's only a matter of time (if this keeps going viral), where a susceptible cat is injured and/or killed.

  • OSRS EasyBF 4 months ago

    Audiogenic Reflex Seizures, well done for giving your cat seizures.

  • Elena Dimoska 4 months ago

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  • Little Goblin 4 months ago

    I wonder why it does this to him o_o

  • TheLeettie 4 months ago

    WTF is wrong with people. "Oh this makes my cat gag, I'll do it repeatedly on camera" how funny. Ever occur to you that your cat does NOT like gagging? Most people and animals do not enjoy the sensation. The cat isn't running away because he feels too nauseous to run, and/or has misplaced trust.

  • Cosmicbuggy 4 months ago