The best and funniest player pranks, bloopers and moment ever seen in the NHL!

Video credits go to:
Philadelphia Flyers TV

happy wheels 2 demo

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  • Benjamin Blake Mitchner 1 week ago

    I'm alright now. I realize something. Does anyone else agree that NHL players are like Vikings of the modern day and we should have a few players named Thor? By Vikings I mean warriors, but damned sharp ones too. Fortunately, they are peaceful and kind off the ice and haven't discovered how to build longboats yet. Cheers from a wannabe Scandinavian.

  • Ariana Azeen 1 week ago

    Of course ovechkin said 100

  • Josh Winters 1 week ago

    Thank you for posting this, it for surely brought joy into my life.. 🙂

  • Zapa Eye 1 week ago

    Of course Crosby sias 100

  • Masterscout 5928 1 week ago

    1:29 my favorite part of the video also go sabres

  • bogey2230 1 week ago

    ' We all can't be built like 15 year old's '

    Shit that is funny 1:24

  • Ryan Polywkan 1 week ago

    Ovi would say 100, totally expected it!!

  • Connor Lightningaming 1 week ago

    I miss lecalvia

  • Daniel Lavan 1 week ago

    The flyers snake one was awesome

  • LetsplayZ 1 week ago

    1:31 hey bird

  • Ed Stevens 1 week ago

    Expected to see the entire Bruin's season.

  • TOP FAILS!!! 1 week ago

    Ovechican should be 100

  • cogito ergo sum 1 week ago

    man i must really never watch west conf hockey. That could be a 17 yr old actor in Nugent-Hopkins jersey and I wouldnt know the difference. He looks so little and timid to be a #1 pick

  • Letsgoavs33 1 week ago

    Galchenyuk lost his mind

  • Samuel Rodriguez 1 week ago


  • Heather Thompson 1 week ago


  • Heather Thompson 1 week ago


  • Matthew Sollin 1 week ago

    Slap shot

  • NJD 1535 1 week ago

    Ovechkin really?? LMFAO

  • Ph0enix 1 week ago

    The last one tho XD