Hidden camera !!

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • xenomorphelv426 7 months ago

    2:05 Vader meets jabba the Hutt.

  • Jay Du 7 months ago

    Eto na eto na sya😂

  • Mister Création 7 months ago

    Qui est français sinon j'adore

  • Justin Jones 7 months ago

    too short to be vader.

  • AdrianAndRaidan VlogZ 7 months ago

    I feel bad for the fat guy he's like OMG what if they were killers disguised as storm troopers I was so slow 🙁 lol I feel bad lol

  • Zaiden Morris 7 months ago

    The black guy was like omg it's darth Korea

  • Фангал Play 7 months ago

    Жалко пухлю, он мог бы умереть, изо бега, его бы сердце не выдержало.

  • Malteser-YT 7 months ago

    did no one realize one of the stormtroopers had a gopro on his head?

  • Chiu Kok 7 months ago

    Im am surprised that darth Vader didn't use he's lightsaber and stormtroopers didn't shoot

  • Mark Greenbaum 7 months ago

    Aren't you a little short for a Darth Vader?

  • PokemonGirl/Artemis Dehzad 7 months ago

    This needs to happen to me lol

  • Joseph Games 7 months ago

    5:37 pause the video and look how the dogs leash is used thats gonna choke the dog. #1like on this video = 1 dog saved from being tied up, Abused, or being put on a choked dog leash #Let'smakeadiffrence

  • Zero DE 7 months ago

    Hey a Phase 2 clone 😂

  • Magical cereal 7 months ago

    I love how the fat guy was like da fak and then he runs away like he's drunk

  • lowrider 11 boss 7 months ago

    Wtf this is funny 😂

  • Roblox Radman 7 months ago

    This vid has more likes then the poster has subs 😂

  • Karin Nilsson 7 months ago


  • Clickgame Creeper 7 months ago


  • Julia Orlando 7 months ago

    have none of these people seen star wars that they know what an ewok is, or that they should try to turn on the light saber

  • Duo clan 7 months ago

    the sound effects are so fucking chesee i'm dying