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Our sister show has generously offered a NEW Gag that hasn’t even been programmed on the mother station yet!! You saw it here first, folks!
This little squirt has superhuman, superhero strength! People are in disbelief when he picks up a huge cement block to move it out of the way! Maybe it’s all in the costume, or maybe it’s that realistic looking “cement”, we’ll never know…

An official presentation of Just Kidding Pranks, the coolest Just For Laughs Gags sister show on YouTube. JKP is the home of the funniest, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore, hidden camera pranks in the world!

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  • ticci toby [creepypasta] 3 months ago


  • Lovely Group 3 months ago


  • łă Bűűňý łøpĕŽ 3 months ago

    Jhajaja ay todos creidos

  • SnowCrimson 3 months ago

    Fake af theres cameras all in there face

  • sami yafai 3 months ago


  • Raju Ansari 3 months ago

    Really is very osm 😘😘😘

  • Raju Ansari 3 months ago


  • Victor Dasilva 3 months ago

    All fake all planned all fake

  • Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C 3 months ago

    Now THIS is a nice prank!

  • Pezzi 3 months ago


  • Unicorn Bekci HD 3 months ago


  • RS GAMING 3 months ago

    Not all heroes wear capes. …o wait

  • Mateus Moura 3 months ago

    Que boy lindo!

  • Mateus Moura 3 months ago

    1:27 😂

  • thijs 1780 3 months ago

    Its so fake

  • Paul Meinart 3 months ago

    Great lil actor

  • Antonio Cikes 3 months ago


  • aamer jalil 3 months ago


  • Tonmoy das Joy 3 months ago

    1:26 😂😂😂

  • Devan Carrow 3 months ago