Top 10 of the most hilarious tv game show fails. The Worst answers ever.
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It is an open secret within TV circles that television producers love game shows. Even with prizes and cash rewards at stake, the programming remains cheaper and easier to produce than a show that requires paid actors, writers and on-location shooting. It also offers endlessly relevant, timeless content that is both typically family-oriented and also structured to allow for an on-going, continuous existence. If you manage to develop a compelling, original game show idea, you can depend upon an enduring, multi-pronged appeal tied to a) participatory audience play-along trivia and b) the entertainment value of comedic contestant fails.

It is the latter form of appeal that can lead to some of the most memorably hilarious game show moments. Just about every long-standing game show worth its salt, from Jeopardy! to the Price is Right, has encountered head-shaking and laugh out loud moments of suggestively sneaky questions, fall-on-their-face contestants and foot-in-mouth mishaps. These money-seeking respondents may well be highly intelligent, normal members of society, but their pressure-packed 15 minutes of fame has lived on, probably for reasons they could do without. With the advent of YouTube and the speed of social media sharing, these clips can now spread widely soon after their air date and will live on in online infamy for years to come.

Game show fails can happen to anyone. There you are standing in a literal spotlight, knowing that cameras trained on you will be broadcasting your answers to a vast television audience, not to mention facing the scrutinizing gaze of a judgmental studio audience. In the case of most game shows, speed counts, so the pressure of getting a correct answer is compounded by the need to process the question and produce that correct answer rapidly. In many of these clips, the contestant that blurts out a comically wrong answer can identify it as being incorrect just milliseconds after uttering it. But in a bid for a lucrative payout, this is the situation that those contestants have put themselves into. If you’re going to get an answer wrong, why not get it hilariously wrong?

Wrong, however, doesn’t come in any one particular shape or size. This list of game show fails features contestants that were overly eager, had their mind in the gutter or were just plain out to lunch. And the fails don’t end with the players, as even a game show host or the game, itself, can produce an egg-on-the-face moment for those involved. It must be said that the contestants represented here are, by no means, the worst participants in game show history. In fact, many of them wound up coming away flush with prizes, no one more so than Jeopardy! legend Ken Jennings, whose million in winnings still couldn’t keep him off of the fails list.

As these 10 instances of game show fails show, it only takes a small mishap for things to go hysterically awry and even the most well-structured, highly respected game show to go completely off the rails. While some shows, like Family Feud, might ask the type of cheeky questions that warrant a funny response, the humor in most of these fails come in how purely unexpected they truly were.

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    The Alamo is located outside of San Antonio Texas.  On one Jeopardy episode they had a contestant from San Antonio.  One of the clues was "The Alamo is located outside of this Texas city".  I don't remember what the man's answer was, but it was NOT "What is San Antonio?".

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