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Ultimate Funny Scared Reactions #1 | People Got Scared Funny Videos – WM

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happy wheels 2 demo

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  • rogita imerajj 6 months ago

    What game is that i want to try it

  • The Rhapsody diaries of N.N!! 6 months ago

    Are we allowed to react on this videos like basically make our own reaction videos?? Just asking for information!!

  • `FalcQn# [TR] 6 months ago

    yusif gottassak

  • Prince Ranger 808 aka Kaiwi Kaio 6 months ago

    What is this video

  • Felix Barrientos 6 months ago

    One day I'll come across a scared reaction video that has a jump scare at the end and I'll flip the fuck out

  • Joe Whelan 6 months ago

    Tell me about it!

  • Jamie L Jackson 6 months ago

    It was so funny she farted

  • Monika Juneja 6 months ago

    Loved it

  • Peggy Rey 6 months ago

    I was playing slether.io when this guy had a scary texture!

  • Patricia Ward 6 months ago

    0:58 what I have never seen anyone smashed a computer with there hands by getting jumpscared

  • Septshadow 6 months ago

    I remember this website it said to find what's wrong with the picture I had the voulume up on my head set never forget how scared I was

  • KailaTheCovertOne 6 months ago


  • Mohammed Rushdan 6 months ago

    which game is playing

  • game vlogger 6 months ago

    1:00R.i.p computer

  • louella chua 6 months ago

    Uhg how could I live with out you my mac

  • Jamie Axe 6 months ago

    omg! that was hilarious!

  • Fahad Akash 6 months ago

    so funny.hahaha

  • MLC Lukenbill 6 months ago

    Why are the computer screams from the computer always so loud?

    And 3:11 was absolutely horrible

  • Aiko_ Komori 6 months ago

    He punched his computer

  • Jin Young 6 months ago

    0:54 my uncle once let me play this game I didn't know boom that face poped I swear I didn't enter the bathroom without my mom standing at the door and the doorhalf closed. It was the scariest thing at that time!!